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iCIS follows a subdivision of tasks into different WPs to delineate accurately the scope of the work to be carried out in each of them.

The two main technical Workpackages, WP1 and WP2, will be responsible for the research and technical developments of the iCIS prototypes and technical solutions.

Given the central role of the Concept Definition activities, in order to keep an organized strategic and action plan, all preparation and coordination activities for this task are performed inside WP3. WP3 will support all these activities aligning them with the scientific goals and use case identified during the first phase of the project. More specifically, it will be applied to define Use Case based project concepts (during the first phase) to be developed in the second phase of the project, by identifying relevant concepts that might respond to challenges under the Horizon 2020 framework program (or another national or international program), their key requirements and players (consumers and key technological players) as well as key technical developments in WP1 and WP2 in order to clearly define project ideas and to build consortia.

WP4 and WP5 cover the horizontal activities and support the technical WPs along the project.

Technical management and project coordination is performed in WP6.

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