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Overall strategy

iCIS will follow a two-phase approach (see Figure): the first phase of the project – the Investigation Phase - that coincides with the first 30 month of the project, the goal is to prepare the consortium for successful applications to national and international programmes (e.g., FP8 and QREN); the second phase – the Implementation Phase – lasts from month 31 to, at least, month 60 – is related to the implementation of specific project ideas, that have emerged and were prepared during the Investigation Phase, under a grant program.

During the first 12 months of the Investigation Phase – Component Definition Phase, the consortium will develop fundamental and applied research in the identified technical goals of the project. During this period, the goal is to refine research ideas and to build synergies inside the consortium. Theses research ideas are advanced algorithms that might act as building blocks for future projects/concepts.

After this initial Component Definition Phase, the project will enter the Concept Definition Phase. During this phase, the identified technical challenges will be further developed. However, the main goal of this phase is to select the components that have reached some level of maturity or exhibit very high potential to act as central building blocks for a concept and to increase their development and validation, by promoting higher resource concentrations. The less mature technical challenges will be continued in a research track of the project in order to grant a continuum of scientific and technological developments inside the consortium that is able to feed or re-inforce new concepts.

The coordination of each Concept definition phase will be by a Concept Champion, per project concept. Each Concept Champion will be responsible to completely define the concept’s value chain (including all relevant actors), to identify all required competences inside and outside the consortium, and to build-up a consortium and a solid project idea to be submitted to a grant programme.

These concepts will be the basis for new project and network proposals. Implementation of these projects will be performed still during iCIS or during subsequent years, i.e., during the Implementation Phase (this phase starts with the beginning of the FP8 framework). This strategy will allow a continuum in international cooperation on relevant scientific challenges, sustainable increase in critical mass and international impact and financial sustainability of the consortium.

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