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Workshop - & IPN

Plataformas Tecnológicas Europeias (ETP) - suportes do I&DT na Europa
Coimbra, 8 de Julho de 2013 - Auditório do Instituto Pedro Nunes

14 h e 30 m – Abertura

14 h e 35 m – ETPs, PPPs e Horizon 2020 – O que há de novo no panorama das TICs? |  Carlos Oliveira,
   DG  CONNECT – F3, Comissão Europeia.

15 h e 10 m –  A plataforma ETP net!works: comunicações para o futuro |  Rui Aguiar,  UA

15 h e 45 m – Desafio ARTEMIS – Perspetiva de uma PME portuguesa |  Rodrigo Ferreira, ISA.

16 h e 00 m –  PLANETIC, facing the future of Spanish IT innovation | Clara Pezuela Robles, Planetic

16 h e 30 m – Debate final.

17 h e 30 m – Fecho

CFIC 2013

The Conference on Future Internet Communications

May 15-16, 2013 - Coimbra, Portugal

Communications in the Future Internet are being designed towards a seamless integration of objects, people and information. The traditional separation of wired and wireless architectures is disappearing as new communication and information sharing paradigms emerge. In this context, the research community is interacting in a closer way with decision makers, public sector entities and industry. The Conference on Future Internet Communications, CFIC Coimbra 2013, will address the challenges of these new paradigms and environments, promoting the dissemination of research results and interaction among the different stakeholders.  

FhMN 2013

ACM SIGCOMM 2013 Workshop on Future Human-Centric Multimedia Networking.

To be held in conjunction with ACM SIGCOMM 2013, in Hong Kong, China between August 12 and August 16, 2013.

The objective of The ACM SIGCOMM 2013 Workshop on Future Human-centric Multimedia Networking (FhMN 2013) is to discuss state-of-the-art research and development activities contributing to all aspects of human-centric multimedia systems and networking. Following its success in the last four workshops, this Fifth Workshop’s theme is “Supporting Human-Centric Multimedia Networking”, and should provide a platform to present and discuss relevant research and development aspects related to user-centric applications and multimedia communication. 

C3S2E 2013

Sixth International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering, Porto, Portugal, 10-12 July, 2013 .

C3S2E 2013 is the sixth in a series of annual international conferences
addressing the needs of the academic community in computing science and
software engineering. The objective of C3S2E is to meet annually to
exchange ideas on current issues and focus on new challenges from both the
theoretical and application aspects of CSE.  C3S2E encourages the
participation of practitioners from governmental and non-governmental
agencies, industry, and academia not only from CSE but also from other
disciplines with the potential of collaboration. The meeting offers
participants a chance to broaden their insight into the multi-facets of CSE
and emerging technologies while exploring R&D ideas in other disciplines as
well, where CSE can make meaningful contributions.

University of Coimbra
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